These are a few projects that I designed and built. All hardware designs and software source code is free, given without warranty but with hope it is useful. You can find hardware documentation and source code for my projects on GitHub.

Mycodo Environmental Regulation System (2013 – Present)
A web-enabled environmental condition monitoring and control system

version 7.x (2019) | GitHub Repository -Latest Version-
version 3.5 (2015) | Download Mycodo v3.5
version 3.0 (2015) | Download Mycodo v3.0, Hardware build documentation
version 2.0 (2013) | Download Mycodo v2.0, Hardware build documentation
version 1.0 (2013) | Download Mycodo v1.0

Remote Radiation Monitoring (2019)
A low-power LoRaWAN node using a Geiger counter to measure and report radiation levels to public radiation maps

Outdoor LoRaWAN Gateway (2019)
Wireless data transmission using an 8-channel weatherproof LoRaWAN gateway and 12 dBi antenna

Morse Code Translator (2016)
Translate Morse code in real-time using a telegraph as an input device

Rainwater Recycling (2013)
An automated rain water collection and irrigation system

Water Purification
An automated water distillation controller

version 2.0 (2012) | Hardware build documentation
version 1.0 (2011) | Hardware build documentation

Moto Security (2009)
A motorcycle anti-theft and disabling system