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    On Wednesday the 15th, after walking Sara to GSU, I familiarized myself with a small part of downtown Atlanta. I picked up Darwin’s first edition of On the Origin of Species at Park Place Bookstore before having a savory salmon wrap at Pixels Café next door. I made my way through Centennial Olympic Park and saw a performance by the computer controlled Fountain of Rings, before returning to my casa. On Friday, UPS delivered what I’ve anxiously been anticipating.

Moth in Woodruff Park (Atlanta, GA 9/15/2010)

Scotts upper triple clamp and steering damper (Atlanta, GA 9/17/2010)

    Replacing the upper triple clamp required removing the ignition security bolts. A local Atlanta land trust was able to lend me a drill to do this. Three hours later, I had the upper triple clamp replaced and steering damper mounted. This being my first time working with this bike’s steering, I moved slowly to assure everything was done carefully. Besides the right brake line guide for the high fender needing some convincing with a file to fit into its new home, everything came off and went on without a hitch.

Scotts upper triple clamp and steering damper (Atlanta, GA 9/18/2010)

    Late this morning I drove a short loop through the forests of north Georgia to get a feel for my new steering. I didn’t encounter terrain that was too demanding, but was still able to familiarize myself with how the damper handled on gravel and the street. I was impressed, but the true tests have yet to come.

Red Top Mountain State Park (Cartersville, GA 9/19/2010)

Red Top Mountain State Park (Cartersville, GA 9/19/2010)

Kyle Gabriel

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  1. Hey Kyle this is Scott form Boca. I just wanted to let you know that I am rooting for you, and that I an enjoying reading how your travels are going. I wish you all the best!

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