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[Solved] What should be posted in this forum?  


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What type of content should be posted in this forum? Why should I post here rather than one of the other forums?

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When there are potentially multiple different answers to a question. This forum format is designed for answers to be voted on by users and threaded responses for each answer, which is sometimes an easier way to view all the potential answers from users than by having to wade through all the replies in a traditional forum thread for an answer.

This format lends itself nicely to a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) repository for a project. This Q&A format can be quite useful for Mycodo issues, as many times users have questions about how to accomplish a particular goal. Often with programming there are multiple methods to reach the same result, and by exploring those different ways allows for the pros and cons to be discussed. Refinement of these methods is also a benefit of this threaded Q&A format, as the original answer can be edited to reflect the best version of the answer.

When posting here, use a concise and descriptive title question, and provide ample information in the body of the post to describe your question. If you have any code as an example, please post it as well.

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Adding comments to an answer is also more convenient to read because they're threaded under the respective answer. This allows quick conversation about an answer.

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When something isn't working and you want to know if it's user error or a problem with the software.

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This is not the appropriate answer to this question. If you have a question like this, it should be posted in the Mycodo general discussion forum. See the accepted answer.