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Best PWM Controllers?  



Looking to add PWM controllers for exhaust fan and for case fans. What is everybody else using?

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Do you mean PWM fan, not controller? A PWM controller generates a PWM signal, which is what Mycodo does. A PWM fan receives a PWM signal and modulates the speed based on the duty cycle. Also, are you looking to use a DC or AC fan, what volume are you looking to move, and at what rate?

Looking to Manage 2 12v fans on the side of my enclosure and my 6" 120v duct fan. More so asking about boards used sorry

Still a little confused. What do you mean by boards? You have two 12 VDC and one 120 VAC fan that you want to modulate the speed based on the PWM signal generated by Mycodo?

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I use one of these (1) in conjuction with two fans to control their speeds independantly. They are actually 0-10V fans, not pure PWM, but PWM is used to create 0-10V. This breakout board can be used to control 12VDC fans as well, just need a source of +12V to use on the HV pin of the board.


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I don't have much experience with this, but I've always taken the approach to use fans that already have the ability to receive a PWM input to modulate their speed. However, in the Mycodo manual you can find a schematic for hardware to modulate DC fans and a schematic for hardware to modulate AC fans.

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