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Anyone have some PI...
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[Solved] Anyone have some PID values for pH controller?

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TIA for any help. I'm attempting to automate pH control in a RDWC system. Everything is wired up and the dosing pumps are functioning. I've added the two generic dosing pumps as outputs and an Atlas EZO pH probe as inputs in Mycodo. I've attempted to add a PID controller however, nothing is happening. I'm sure it's to do with my settings so, any examples will be greatly apprecited.

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I would not recommend using a PID to regulate water chemistry until you are very familiar with PID tuning. I would reference the water chemistry section of my hydroponic article for how I regulated pH/nutrients. For experimenting with PID to understand and learn how to tune it, I would set up an experimental system with something like a temperature sensor and a small heater. This way you can experiment with tuning without expending resources as you would with pH solutions.

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