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ttgo-tbeam as a mul...
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ttgo-tbeam as a multiple temperature lora Node ( w/ ds18b20 )

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Hello Kyle ! ( @kylegabriel )

I've just bumped into you TTGO-Tbeam repository on Github because i'm trying to use this module as a multi temperature probe Lorawan Node

I got plenty of DS18b20 temp. probe that i use normaly for home temperature monitoring. 
Now i'm trying to monitor temperature in the garden using Lora. 

Do you think it could be possible to use multiple (3 would be perfect)  1wire probe over a TBEAM to report temp ?

Thanks for your advice & sorry for my poor english ;-)

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Kyle Gabriel
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Absolutely, 3 DS18B20s shouldn't post a problem at all. You will need to find a library to allow you to read each sensor, then transmit the measurements, either sequentially, or in one payload.

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