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[Sticky] Forum Retirement and New Forum Link

Kyle Gabriel
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Hello all,

While this forum (wpforo) has served us well, there are a number of issues I've been running into. This is to say the software that runs this forum leaves much to be desired and my dissatisfaction has nothing to do with the community here.. You all are great ❤️ 

So, as of today, I have set up a Discourse server at that I will be slowly depending more and more on and will eventually replace this server. It's unfortunate that the discussions here cannot be migrated to the new forum, but the bright side is that this forum is still relatively young and the new forum will see us well into the future. I will be disabling registration on this forum, and at some time in the future I will disable posting entirely. Please check out the new forum and make any new posts on the new forum instead of this one.

Check it out:

PS. As a way of kicking off the new forum, the first 50 users that join will automatically be given a trust level of 1, which unlocks certain posting permissions not granted to level 0 users until they make a certain number of posts.

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