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New Inputs (2): Current/Future Weather Conditions using City or Lat/Lon  

Kyle Gabriel
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I've wanted to build one of these inputs for a while, but finally got to do it today! Actually, I built 2 since the [free] API operated in two different ways. Check out the API documentation at:

The two API calls I used are (first input) and (second input).

The first input acquires current/present conditions using a city as the location. The measurements include temperature, humidity, pressure, dew point, wind speed, and wind direction.

The second input acquires current or future forecast weather conditions using coordinates (latitude/longitude) as the location. You can select to forecast weather conditions from 1 to 48 hours in the future, or 1 to 7 days in the future. The measurements are the same as the first input, with the addition of minimum and maximum temperatures if forecasting any day in the future.

Overall, I think this can add a lot for Mycodo uses that are either outside or are affected by outside conditions and you don't want to worry about building your own weather station. If you have any suggestions about how this can be improved, before it's released with v8.9.0 (soon), or general comments, let me know.

Attached is a screenshot of the Live page showing the first input of the current conditions of a location and the second input of the same location but with a time of 4 days (future) set.


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