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MH-Z16 vs MH-Z19 vs MH-Z19B vs MH-Z19C-PH, which C02 sensor is best?

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between the different CO2 sensors, I'm having a hard time to understand the difference between these four models.

I'm cultivating grey oyster mushrooms in a 2 meter by 1.5 meter grow tent. We have an extractor fan and a disc-fogger humidifier.

I'm thinking of using a C02 sensor connected to the fan to try to regulate the fresh air exchange, but I'm having a hard time to tell which C02 sensor makes the most sense. 

Thanks for any guidance.

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The B in the MH-Z19B means it can perform automatic baseline correction. This is something you do not want enabled if constantly exposed to high CO2 environments, as it will over time adjust the returned vales to 400 ppmv. From the datasheet:

Automatic Baseline Correction (ABC logic function)
ABC logic function refers to that sensor itself do zero point judgment and automatic calibration procedure
intelligently after a continuous operation period. The automatic calibration cycle is every 24 hours after powered
on. The zero point of automatic calibration is 400ppm. From July 2015, the default setting is with built-in
automatic calibration function if no special request.
This function is usually suitable for indoor air quality monitor such as offices, schools and homes, not suitable for
greenhouse, farm and refrigeratory where this function should be off.

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